Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk


Holy Grail Alert!

This. Foundation. You guys. It's amazing. I had heard that Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk foundation was legendary but I had a problem. Actually more like problems. First, I found it difficult to find in person. I'm not one to gamble with foundation shades so I will only buy it online if I already know what color matches me. To make things more difficult, I'm more of a neutral olive color so most foundations are either too pink or too yellow for me and I end up looking grey or jaundiced. The other problem is that this foundation is over sixty bucks which WAS really hard for me to justify. So how did I get my hands on it? I just so happened to find a high-end Sephora. When I say high-end, I don't mean the ones in JC Penney or even some of the ones in malls that carry brands like Urban Decay and Bobbi Brown. No no no no. This was a Sephora that carried brands like YSL, Dior, and Kevyn Aucoin. This Sephora has since become one of my favorites when I'm looking for something extra. I stopped dead in my tracks while perusing the aisles when I saw Giorgio Armani. I scanned quickly and my eyes lit up when I saw L-U-M-N-I-N.....YES! It was there. I got three samples of colors I thought would work for me and off I went. I tried them out and the one that matched was shade 6. It has a very olive undertone but it matches me so well. In some light, it actually looks quite green but I've never had a foundation match this close. Eventually, I received about 3 gift cards to Sephora (for my birthday) and I knew what I wanted so I got it. 

So what's it like?

Luminous Silk is a liquid foundation with a range of 24 shades. It's not particularly runny (like MAC face and Body) but it's not very thick either.


It goes on smoothly without catching any dry patches. I personally don't think this layers that well but I'm very sensitive to the look of built up makeup so for someone else this might layer beautifully. The finish is perfectly luminous with one layer. It looks like airbrushed skin. It also did a wonderful job of covering up redness in my skin and of evening out my skin tone.  


It is more "heavy duty" than my every day foundation which is MAC Face and Body so I tend to use it when I'm going out or somewhere special. It's also expensive so I'm not trying to burn through this treasure. If I use my Dim Light Hourglass powder under my eyes I look like a freaking doll. LOOK AT IT!


If you have the opportunity to try this foundation try it. It doesn't matter how busy the Sephora employees are. It's worth the wait just for the sample. I've tried a lot of foundations and this is one of the best.