Models Own Colour Chrome Eyeshadow Kit - Copper Lustre

This stuff is the bomb.

It's a super shiny metallic cream shadow that comes as a kit. The kit includes a little mixing trey, a mixing medium (primer) and the actual shadow. I actually don't use the primer because I haven't been able to tell what it does and it's an extra step I've found I don't need. This lasts for a long time without creasing. It adds that something special to any eye look and it's sooooo sparkly. I think this is what I'll choose to wear for New Year's Eve. It's one step below glitter but without any of the mess. I paid about $15 for this kit which I think is a bit steep for what it is but it's currently on sale at Ulta for $10.49. All in all, I really like this product and highly recommend it. 

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