Nars Liquid Blush - Orgasm


Where's the embarrassed emoji when you need it?

Actually, naming this blush orgasm was clever marketing and a blush that makes you have to say that word out loud in public better be good. I've never properly tried the original cult classic (which is a powder) but I have swiped my finger in it at a Sephora display so that counts right? I was never really drawn to the pressed version because it seemed really glittery and I'm not a fan. Once I saw this version though, I liked it immediately. I usually like cream and liquid products, especially blushes. There’s something about that melt-into-your-skin creaminess that looks so natural and effortless. I picked up a sample of this and actually used the entire thing so I was like guess I'll buy it. This stuff is amazing! It's a warm bubblegum pink that melts into the skin beautifully. There are some gold specks of glitter that are discernible in direct sunlight but I think it's less so than in the powder version. 


This blush lasted a solid 8 hours. I always apply it with fingers and then take a brush to blend out any edges. I think this blends better if you have something to blend it into like foundation. I’ve worn it with nothing else on my face (besides moisturizer) and I feel like I have to work a little harder to blend it out but the I-just finished-running look is still there.

There are four shades and it retails for $30. This sucker also comes with a pump which is hygienic but also makes it easier to use.

Overall this blush is awesome. A+ Nars. Good job.