Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Color - Petal Pink

I thought this wouldn't work for me.

The first time I swatched this blush on my arm, my boyfriend said, "That makes you look sick.". I could see that. It's cool-toned and seemed to clash with my skin color but when it was blended out on my arm I felt like I could make it work. I've been wearing this blush for months and it's one of my favorites. If I build it up too much I look like a haunted doll but if I use a light hand it looks perfect. It's smooth and blends well. It is pricey at $26 (for .13oz) but I'm really good at justifying the price of anything. It's a horrendous talent of mine. The packaging is heavy like most high-end products and it includes a nice mirror which I never use because it's tiny. It lasts for the entirety of my 8 hour work day with some fading. I typically use cream blushes but if I use a powder, I reach for this one. This is an amazing and natural blush.