Stila Heaven's Hue Highlighter - Kitten

Ooooh - heaven is a place on earth

I really really really really like this highlighter. I was at Sephora to purchase something I'd actually researched and took time to think about when I happened on the Stila section and was completely mesmerized by this product. It was like the sky opened up above and a beam of light shone down and illuminated it in all of it's shiny glory. I looked left. I looked right. Then I placed a solitary finger in the tester and the next thing I knew I was grinning like an idiot while standing in line, helpless to this divine product and trying not to make eye contact with my boyfriend. Once I was in my car I was full of regret and thought about returning it because I can be an impulsive moron. First I decided to compare it to all of my other highlighters because I was sure I had something similar but that was not the case. This highlighter is beautiful! It can be subtle and it can be blinding. It gives an almost wet look to the skin that made it unique to the other highlighters I own. The texture is delightful. I'm actually still not sure what the hell it is. It's like a cream that's also a powder. More like a putty in that if you push your finger in the product it leaves an indention. I like to use this on my cheekbones subtly but build it up heavily in the inner corners of my eyes. It lasts at least 8 hours on me and I've been wearing this every day for months now. Today, I applied it to the tops of my shoulders and collar bones and in the direct sunlight, it was quite glittery but I don't pick that up on my face. I think I went a little overboard on my body. This gets an A+++.