Flower Transforming Touch Powder-to-Creme Blush


is it worth it? let me work it.

This product is perfectly described in the words of Missy herself.  This is an extremely unique blush. It's a powder inside of the container but once you rub it onto a surface like your hand, face, or counter, it turns into a cream. I have fun using this up to a point. While it imparts a wonderfully realistic color to the cheeks, it takes woooooork. The best tool I've found to apply this is a skinny, pointy buffer-type Sonia Kashuk brush I bought at Target years ago. I dip that brush into the powder and then make dabbing and rubbing motions on my cheek. Then I blend it as best I can. Then, I take whatever brush I used to apply my foundation and blend the edges at which point I've probably blended too much of the blush away so then I do the entire process again. Until it's perfect. It's so easy to not put on enough or overdo it. It has a very narrow "therapeutic dose" as they say in the psych biz. Don't even get me started on how easy it is to make a mess of this. It's so light it practically floats. Despite all of that, this stuff is beautiful when it works. If it's layered a few times, it lasts all day. If you apply one layer it fades quickly. I bought the shade "A-coral-ble" and paid about $13 at Walmart for this but I think it might be online only at this point. You can also buy it on Flower Beauty's website. I don't think this is worth the trouble but I have it now so I'm going to use it.