Doe Foot Applicator

Fuzzy Little Feet

for makeup

The doe foot applicator is one of the most famous of applicators. Used extensively for cream and liquid products, this fuzzy stick can be a life saver. The doe foot applicator is named after exactly what you might think: the slanted hoof of a female deer. These come in a myriad of shapes and sizes that can hinder or enhance makeup application. You don't want a humongous doe foot applicator for your eyelid because it can be difficult to control where you apply product. The shape is important as well. If it's too blunt, then it'll be difficult to get into small precise areas such as the corners of the eyes or edges of the lips. My main concern regarding doe foot applicators has to do with hygiene. I never apply concealer directly from the tube onto a pimple because I feel like I'm taking bacteria from an inflamed area and placing it back in the tube to become a petri dish.  


These are two doe foot applicators taken out of their natural habitat, the tube, and put on display. One is a highlighter and the other is an eye shadow.


Shhhh...careful. These doe foot applicators are sleeping.